The two faces of small business ownership

You’re living your entrepreneurial dream, following your vision, and road testing your plan. You’ve carved something out of the marketplace that wasn’t there before. Congratulations. But you haven’t yet reached the point where you KNOW that all of your effort and sacrifice will have been worth it. Your business is young and, truth is, the jury is still out on whether you will survive.

You’re in the bi-polar stage of small business ownership: One minute you’re awash in passion, intensity and the conviction that what you are doing is near genius. The next minute you’re telling yourself that you must be out of your mind to take such risks. The two faces of small business ownership - passion and panic.

So here we are in the recession of 2009 and you’re filled with the most anguishing emotion in the marketplace; the one felt by entrepreneurs when faced with the possibility of failure. “How far do I go? How far CAN I go? How will I know if I have to… NO… I refuse to think about that!”

No one can answer these questions for you, but here are some words of resolve that I want to leave with you, from an anonymous thinker who had obviously been there and done that:

“The wayside of business is littered with the remains of those who started with a spurt, but lacked the stamina to finish. Their places were taken by those unshowy plodders who never knew when to quit.”

Welcome to the world of small business ownership. It’s not for sissies and if it were easy, monkeys would be doing it. The only thing I can promise you is that you will never have to worry about is nodding off in the middle of the day.

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