A small business exporter success story

Think you can’t grow your small business as the Great Recession gives way to this not-so-great recovery? Even if you have customers, having trouble getting growth capital? Think the value of the designation “Made in America” has eroded? Well, don’t tell that to Luis Arguella.

Luis is a small business owner who happens to be Hispanic. He is president of DemeTech Corporation, and his 40 employee firm makes medical products, primarily surgical sutures. His small business is growing like gangbusters, and I think for these reasons:

- Luis makes a very high quality product.
- He isn’t afraid to charge for his product at a level that keeps him in business.
- His business is in kind of a niche industry, and he has carved out a niche within that niche.
- He doesn’t wander off away from his successful niche.
- He has tapped into the fact that 95% of his prospects are outside the U.S.
- He believes the “Made in America” brand still has value and leverages it.
- He has identified the ways government resources can help him grow his business.

Recently, I talked with Luis on my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show. We discussed his recent recognition as the 2010 Small Business Exporter of the Year and how he plans to use the things I listed above to grow his business to 100 employees.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear this very special entrepreneur. And be sure to leave your comments. Listen Live! Download, Too!

2 Responses to “A small business exporter success story”

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    Mark Says:

    This is helpful stuff. Thanks for sharing, Jim. The nonprofit I work for hosts an annual small business award, though it’s focused on how people practices contribute to business outcomes, so it’s nice to hear about another competition focused on similar size firms.

    BTW, I thought your name was familiar, and I checked our old blog on our website and I see I wrote about your article “Don’t fall for myths of being own boss” back in 2007: http://bit.ly/bXP553

    I’m now following your blog in my feed. Keep up the great work you’re doing in the small biz space!

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    Alex Says:

    Sounds like a really interesting conversation. Luis sounds like an ideal businessman being that he works in his niche.

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