San Francisco is my kind of town - to visit

Just spent a couple of days in San Francisco, working with the good folks at Wells Fargo. We’ll have a couple of videos to release in a few months that are a product of this trip.

San Fran may be the weirdest city in the U.S., but it’s also the most charming and one of the most interesting. I’ve been going there for decades and always look forward to going back. Here are the top 10 reasons why I love San Francisco so much:

10. The Golden Gate bridge - one of a kind.
9. The fresh seafood is legendary.
8. The climate is great. Mark Twain said the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco, but I’ve never had bad weather there. Good karma?
7. Lombard Street - the one with all the curves. I drove down it once – slooowwwly.
6. It’s a small, walkable city, Russian Hill notwithstanding (which I’ve done – uphill, but only once).
5. The Tadish Grill, the oldest in SF, circa 1849, where you can still get fresh sand dabs. You know, the fish that the guy was cooking when Charles Lindberg went to California to pick up his new plane (think Jimmy Stewart in “The Spirit of St. Louis”).
4. Chinatown. It’s the original.
3. The sourdough bread. All other sourdough bread is from a lesser god.
2. The Cable Car Barn and Museum. This is where you can see the continuous cables being powered in and pushed out.
1. And the Number One reason I love San Francisco - drum roll, please: The cable cars. All three lines: The Powell-Hyde Streets line, the Powell-Mason Streets line and the California Street line. You can ride them all day for $11 and they operate until midnight, every day.

The only moving national monument in the world, the cable cars are WAY cool. DO NOT go to San Francisco without riding at least once on a cable car. Where else can you have that much fun for $11?

When you go to San Francisco, be sure to stay close to Knob Hill, Chinatown or anywhere near the cable car lines (did I mention that I like the cable cars?). It’s a very romantic city, but also a great place to take the kids, too.

Finally, with regard to the title of this post, I wouldn’t want to live in San Francisco; the cost of living is very high, the tax and regulatory structure is oppressive for small businesses and I couldn’t truck with the politics. But I do love visiting.

Thank you, San Francisco, for being so charming. I’ll be back as soon as I can - to visit.

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    Jeff Gidre Says:

    The next time you visit San Francisco, try Sam’s Grill (374 Bush Street). They are the seafood rival of Tadich Grill and have been operating continuously since 1867. My grandfather, Tony Burazer, was a waiter and Maitre ‘d there for 47 years. Sam’s has been operating at the same location since 1946, and hasn’t changed. Sit in a curtained booth in the back if you can get one.

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    Jim Blasingame Says:

    Ah, Leslie. You’ve chastened me well. Of course, you’ve become an ex-pat in France in recent years, so I think of you more as a Parisian, rather than a San Franciscan. But I do long for another visit with you, hopefully at Sear’s Fine Foods with another helping of those wonderful little pancakes.
    Your ardent admirer,

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    Carl Powell Says:

    I, too, just returned from there. Rode the Cable Cars, Walked down by the wharf, even walked UP the hill to the top of Lombard street. But the big event for me this time, was the Segway Tour! 3 hours of Segway experience, most of it riding around SF! VERY FUN!

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    Leslie Kossoff Says:

    You know, Jim, for all that I only now spend part of my time in my home town of San Francisco, I still think that it deserves unreserved and unrestrained kudos - for everything. (Okay, I know. Not for the State tax base, etc.)

    But I can tell you that the San Francisco City Government is absolutely wonderful in its support of and assistance to small businesses as they set up to go. It has a long-time entrepreneurial commitment and, as a result, the City is filled with small businesses - many of which grow to be very large over time.

    I’m also disappointed that, even though I wasn’t there to see you this trip, you didn’t mention either me or the pancakes you love so much at Sear’s Fine Foods in your Top Ten List. Let’s make it a Top Twelve instead!

    All the best,


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