How birth rate and generational waves impact our future

Could regional birth rates and demographic anomalies impact global economic competition? Do China, Japan, Russia and Europe have more to fear from within because of demographic and generational wave issues than from global competition without?

China’s “One child” policy has manifested in the abortion of 400 million live births in the past three decades - most of them female - effectively cutting a hole in a generation. Japan’s birthrate has been declining in recent years. Europe’s birthrate has been declining, plus it faces significant challenges with the growing Muslim immigrant population that is not being assimilated into European societies.

Could the western hemisphere - the Americas - become a self-sustaining, self-contained trade zone?

Recently, on my small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, long-time Brain Trust member, Ken Gronbach joined me to talk about why we need to include demographic realities into our long-term business planning, both within our countries as well as globally. Ken is a demographer, futurist and author of The Age Curve. Take a few minutes to listen to the fascinating report Ken delivered in this interview.

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    Chuck Sink Says:

    This is a fascinating idea - that The Americas could be a self-contained trade zone precisely because our cultures continue to procreate and give women (and baby girls) their due prominence and influence over policy. There is balance in our society and more productive people as a result. Good stuff to ponder. Oh, and God bless America. God bless LIFE in America!!!

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