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POLL RESULTS: To what do you attribute the reason the U.S. economy is still slow?

The Question: To what do you attribute the reason the U.S. economy is still slow?

2% - The slowdown in the global economy - especially China.

77% - Washington’s anti-business policies, especially from Obama.

16% - Lack of investment in the economy by corporate America.

5% - What slow economy? We’re doing great.

Jim’s Comments:
In our poll this week, only 5% of America’s small businesses report their businesses are doing great, while more than three-fourths say they think their business is being held back by Washington’s anti-business policies. If this were any other significant voting bloc, these numbers would be foretelling a revolution.

And make no mistake. When you add up all small business owners in America, plus their employees and voting age dependent children, that number would total about 100 million voters. Find another constituency like that!

With this sentiment in evidence, if small business owners and their connected “family” got organized behind what’s good for the entity that feeds and clothes them, they could be the electoral revolution. And the result would be what’s good for small business. Which I’ve long held and have many times said that what’s good for small business is good for the world.

Alas, we’re not organized. If we were, the world would change - for the better.

Thanks for playing along. Please participate in this week’s poll below.

Small Business Advocate Poll: Who will have the most impact on 2012 elections?

The Question: Which group will have the greatest impact on the 2012 presidential and congressional elections?

11% - The “Occupy Wall Street” protesters
89% - The national “Tea Party” movement

My Commentary:

The last time America had two seemingly grassroots groups protesting simultaneously on a national level was probably when women’s suffrage and prohibitionists shared the national stage. A century later, their 21st century protesting successors are the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street.

It’s interesting that these two groups are being compared to each other. The Tea Party can already boast some political accomplishments. The emerging OWS is still defining itself.

We wanted to know what you think about the life and legs of these two movements, so last week we asked this question: “Which group will have the greatest impact on the 2012 presidential and congressional elections?” Here’s what you said:

Those who think the Occupy Wall Street folks will make the greatest impact came in at 11%, while the rest, 89%, said they believe the Tea Party will stir up the most trouble between now and next November.

There are similarities between these groups, but there are also significant differences. Look for my take on this next week, including the connections to Main Street small business.

Recently on The Small Business Advocate Show I talked more about what small business can learn from the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. Click here to listen or download.

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