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RESULTS: What do you think of executive action?

The Question:  
President Obama has indicated he is prepared to take executive action on immigration reform without Congress. What do you think?

0% - The president has the authority to do this and should
51% - Only Congress is authorized to change immigration laws
15% - I don’t care as long as we start resolving the immigration problem
34% - Here they go again. God help us
Jim’s Comments:
As you can see, none of our small business audience thinks President Obama has the Constitutional authority to change immigration laws. Over half specifically say presidents are not supposed to make laws, and the rest have basically thrown up their hands in exasperation.

With President Obama in the White House and a GOP-led Congress, the next two years are going to be rocky in Washington. But with this step Obama has just taken on immigration, it looks like he’s declared his intention to be combative and not in the mood to compromise during his final two years in office. #GodHelpUs

RESULTS: Are you concerned the government isn’t doing enough to keep Ebola out of the country?

The Question:

Are you concerned that the government isn’t doing enough to keep Ebola out of the country?

71% - Very concerned - the government should do more, like travel restrictions.
3% - Very concerned - the government is doing a reasonably good job.
16% - Somewhat concerned, but don’t expect it to impact my life.
11% - Not concerned because the risk is so low.

Jim’s Comments:
The risk of an Ebola pandemic is on everyone’s mind these days, even if you don’t worry much about it.  But we wanted to know just how concerned you were and whether you thought the government was doing enough to protect us. So in our most recent online poll we asked that question.  As you can see, a big chunk of you, more than seven of 10, said you’re not only worried about the disease, but also that the government wasn’t taking enough precautions.
One of the problems President Obama has today is that even many past supporters now think almost everything his administration does has to pass through the filter of politics and his version of political correctness.  No one should be shocked about the politics of decisions made in Washington, but we expect national leaders to have our backs on  the big things that really matter, like national defense and public health. I say when it comes to keeping us safe from terrorists and viruses, political correctness be damned. What about you?

Sadly, many polls besides ours indicate Americans are losing confidence in the decision-making process of our government in general and the president  Obama in particular.

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