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Identifying common problems that inhibit small business performance

Every small business likely has one 800-pound gorilla in its living room and more than one 400-pounders.  There might even be occasions when the “emperor has no clothes.” You’ll pardon the mixed metaphors, but these are the disfunctional elements that everyone knows prohibit efficient execution, productivity and good morale, but no one wants to talk about. There could be many reasons for such a lack of candor and honesty, but the usual suspect is top management cruisin’ down that river called denial.  

If you’re business isn’t hitting on all cylinders, such as not enough sales, bad morale, department bickering and turf wars, etc., what you probably have, as that famous line from the movie “Cool Hand Luke” goes, is a “fail-ya to communicate.” This “fail-ya” is caused when management doesn’t demand and practice organizational honesty

Recently, I talked with one of the honesty experts in my Brain Trust, Steven Gaffney, on my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.  We discussed how to reveal the hard questions that have to be asked and answered with brutal honesty in order for your business to be successful. Steven is the president of Steven Gaffney Company and author of several books, including Honesty Sells.

Take a few minutes to listen to our conversation and, as always, leave your thoughts on how to promote honest conversation and more success. Listen Live! Download, Too!

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