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POLL RESULTS: Will you give your business a vacation from you this summer?

The Question:

Will you give your business a vacation from you this summer?

28% - I will completely disconnect for at least a week.

31% - I will take a week off, but will be checking in.

25% - I can only handle long weekends this summer.

16% - Are you kidding? I can’t even take a day off!

Jim’s Comments:

Almost every year since we’ve been doing this online poll, we’ve asked about vacation for small business owners. Looking at these historic responses we saw that taking a whole week off has generally fluctuated on either side of 50%. But this year, I was happy to see that almost six of ten of our folks were going to take a week off, either to completely disconnect or to check in. This year, those who can only handle a couple of days at a time dropped, while those who can’t take any time off increased.

I’m going to have more to say about this in next week’s Featured Article, including how what I believe is a connection between these responses and the current condition of the Main Street economy. Stay tuned and thanks for contributing. Don’t forget to take our new poll below.

Small Business Advocate Poll:Will you be able to take a vacation from your business?

The Question:
Will you be able to take time off from your business for vacation this summer?

17% - Yes, for at least a week

51% - Yes, but only a couple of days at a time

32% - No. Can’t afford the expense or the time away

My Commentary:
The good news is that two-thirds of our respondents will take some kind of a vacation. The bad news is that more than half will catch time off when they can and one-third think they can’t afford a vacation.

Some of this response is associated with the reality of being a small business owner, which often creates the feeling - if not the reality - that we just can’t leave the business for any extended period, even a few days. But it is very likely that this level of little or no vacation expectation is connected to the lack-luster economic recovery.

Hang in there, small business owners.


On my radio show, The Small Business Advocate, I’ve talked with Walter Kiechel III, former editorial director of Harvard Business Review, former managing editor at Fortune magazine and author of The Lords of Strategy, about the benefits of taking time off, not just for a business owner but also the business itself. Take a few minutes to click on the links below and listen or download.

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