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The Dec 09 NFIB report of small business conditions

The recession may be over technically speaking, but that’s not how it feels to most small businesses on Main Street.  They’re still having a tough time getting enough customers to show up to grow sales and profits, and are not looking to make capital improvements or hire new employees to any great extent. 

It distresses me to report on this kind of news, but my job, as legendary sports announcer, Howard Cossell, used to say, is to tell it like it is. I believe 2010 will be a better year than 2009, but it doesn’t feel like that right now for many Main Street small businesses, especially retailers.

Of course, much of the small business conditions I report on comes from the high quality, peerless research of world-class economist, Dr. William Dunkelberg. Bill is professor of economics at Temple, chief economist for the NFIB and an invaluable member of my Brain Trust.  I used the word “peerless” earlier in referring to Bill’s work.  He has been tracking small business sentiments every month since 1971, throught all of the marketplace cycles. Any questions? 

Recently, Bill joined me on my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, to discuss in detail the results of the Dec 09 NFIB’s Report of Small Business Economic Trends.  Take a few minutes to listen to this conversation and, as always, leave your own thoughts on the status of the economy as it relates to your business. Listen Live! Download, Too!

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