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Small business and the public policy debate

Sitting here at the 2nd Annual Small Business Leadership Summit in NYC, about a hundred business owners and advocates have come together to discuss the state of small business in America. The news was sobering when the discussion was around the economic conditions we see in front of us, but it turned positive when the topic was on the future and how small business owners will be the leading sector to pull this economy out of the doldrums.

But in my opinion, this is not a time to be philosophical about what’s happening. As small business owners go about digging our economy out of its ditch, this is a time to get mad about the abuses and incompetence of the people and institutions we thought we could trust and who’ve now put our economy in jeopardy. I think it’s time for those of us on Main Street to take back our marketplace. What do you think?

Of course we can’t win unless we survive, so that’s our first goal – to make sure we survive; which means we stick to our knitting and focus on operating our businesses. But concurrently, we have to become more involved in the debate about policies that our governments — federal and state — are creating, and proposing, to answer the economic problems we have. That means we support the groups that advocate for small business in Washington and in our State legislatures.

In case you need help finding these groups, one is your local chamber of commerce; if you’re not already a member, do that this week. A national group I endorse is the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (sbecouncil.org). There are others. By supporting these groups, you can run your business and allow them to represent you in the debate about policies that impact our small businesses.

Brian Moran, founder of this Summit, president of Moran Media Group and Brain Trust member, and I talked about some of these issues on my show. Take a few minutes to listen to this interview and leave a comment.

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