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SBA Poll: Sound and fury, signifying nothing

The Question:
Who do you think has the greatest responsibility for the sequester’s automatic budget cuts the president has been talking about?

37% - All of them - Obama and both parties in Congress.

16% - President Obama - it was his idea.

6% - The House Republicans - they won’t negotiate.

41% - Obama and the Democrats - they want more taxes and no cuts.

0% - I don’t understand any of this.

My Comments:
Last week, before the sequester went into effect, I made the same prediction I made in December1999 about Y2K, when some people predicted the world would end because of decades of defects in computer coding. I said the sequester would prove to be a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

I was right about Y2K and am being proven right about the sequester.

We wanted to know who small business owners think is the most responsible for this unnecessary, self-imposed, unmitigated lurch of unleadership, so last week in our online poll we asked this question: “Who do you think has the greatest responsibility for the sequester’s automatic budget cuts the president has been talking about?” Here’s what we learned.

The second largest group - 37% - believe “All of them - Obama and both parties in Congress,” should be blamed. Only 6% think the House Republicans are the bad guys, because they “won’t negotiate.” But 16% think we should blame Obama, because the sequester “was his idea,” while the big group, 41%, rope Obama and Democrats together, because they “only want more taxes and not cuts.”

Based on overtures the president is making to the GOP leadership in the last few days, it seems that our poll results - combine 57% against Obama and his party - are consistent with what the White House is seeing in their own polling. Could it be that public pressure is causing the president to change his four-year practice of blame-game campaigning to actual governing and leading?

One can only hope.


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