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POLL RESULTS: The Supreme Court and Obamacare

The Question:

The Supreme Court may strike down a major component of Obamacare this month. What do you think?

5% - I like Obamacare and hope they don’t change it.

66% - I don’t like Obamacare and hope they strike it down.

18% - I won’t be impacted either way.

11% - I don’t know.

Jim’s Comments:

As you can see, the Affordable Care Act is not popular among small business owners. The primary reason is it isn’t more affordable than what most of us already had, plus it has added extra regulatory complications to our lives.

But stay tuned, because sometime this coming week the Supreme Court will likely announce their decision on King v Burwell. This case has many implications that I’ve either written about or talked about with experts on my show. Here are the main points to keep in mind:

* If the decision goes against the Obama Administration, it would essentially void many of the law’s key components, making it a shadow of its former self.

* If the decision goes for the President, it would establish that the IRS can interpret laws as they see fit, rather than as written.

This may not be the most significant ruling in the history of the high court, but surely it’s one of them. Say a prayer for the Constitution.

SBA Poll Results: How has Obamacare impacted you?

The Question:

Now that Obamacare has been in force over 6 months, how has it impacted you?

43% - Obamacare has had no negative impact on me or my business.
11% - Our previous policy was cancelled because of Obamacare.

43% - The cost of our existing insurance has increased because of Obamacare.

3% - Our new policy is not as good as the one we had before Obamacare.

Jim’s Comments:

When we asked recently what the big challenges for small businesses were, Obamacare was no higher than third on a list of five. So it didn’t surprise me when 43% of our respondents to last week’s poll said Obamacare has had no negative impact on them. But that still leaves more than half who have been negatively impacted. And I fear that many of the first 43% will have a different story in about a year when the employer mandate goes into effect.

Obamacare is bad policy, it’s a bad law, it’s bad for the U.S. healthcare system, it’s bad for the economy, and it’s going to continue to be bad for most small businesses.

SBA Poll Results: Are you finding qualified applicants for jobs?

The Question:
What is your experience in finding qualified applicants for your job openings?

57% - We have openings but it’s difficult finding qualified applicants.

13% - We’re finding qualified people when we have an opening.

30% - Doesn’t matter-we’re not hiring and don’t expect to this year.

My Comments:
As you can see, 87% of our small business respondents are not hiring, with the largest group reporting they have job openings but can’t fill them with qualified employees. Indeed, research indicates there may be 4 million unfilled job openings in the U.S. The next highest group of respondents allowed they weren’t hiring, regardless of the prospective-employee pool.

This troubling employment condition has many negative implications for all of us:

1. The economy is being harmed by millions of skilled, high-paying assignments going unfilled.

2. Companies can’t grow to their potential because of the lack of manpower/brainpower associated with these assignments.

3. Millions of families aren’t enjoying the financial and emotional benefits of quality employment.

4. The government is missing out on millions in income and payroll taxes.

If I tried, I could think of a dozen more examples of how this condition is harmful to the U.S. I’m going to have more to say about this in an upcoming Feature Article. Stay tuned and thanks for participating.

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