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Poll Results: What Will Make Gas Prices Come Down?

The price of gasoline is up again. What do you think could be done to  make it come down?Photo courtesy Good Housekeeping
5% - Oil companies should stop gouging customers.
46% - Obama should approve the Keystone Pipeline.
22% - Stop oil speculators from driving up the price of crude.
27% - The price of gas is a product of supply and demand market forces.

Jim’s Comments:

As you can see, most small business owners believe–correctly I think–that approving the Keystone Pipeline would go a long way to bringing down crude oil prices, and therefore gasoline prices. There is a precedent for this. In 2008, when crude was $140 per barrel, President Bush merely hinted that he might consider releasing oil from the strategic reserve, oil prices plummeted and so did gas at the pump.

If President Obama is really as interested in helping the poor and the middle class as he says, he would take every step possible to contribute to lower gas prices.  And the first piece of low-hanging fruit he could pick to accomplish this would be to approve the Pipeline.

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