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POLL RESULTS: If you watched the last GOP debate, what did you think about how CNBC moderated it?

The Question:

If you watched the last GOP debate, what did you think about how CNBC moderated it?

0% - I thought CNBC handled the debate just right.
79% - A profound demonstration of liberal media bias against Republicans.
10% - Some questions were inappropriate, but overall it was handled well.
11% - Didn’t watch.

Jim’s Comments:
Not surprised that John Harwood was so snarky toward the Republican candidates in the CNBC debate. And not surprised Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla looked like lightweights. But was surprised CNBC didn’t rise above the slant of their mothership, NBC, and do the job they were supposed to do: moderate a debate about the economic positions of the candidates.
If eight-of-ten of our respondents saw the blatant bias, so did millions of viewers. In their attempt to diminish the stature of the Republicans, the moderators revealed the pervasive mainstream media bias and how it often manifests as small and unprofessional behavior.
And talk about irony. CNBC’s moderating performance was so bad, it actually helped the Republicans.
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RESULTS:Have the midterms impacted your attitude about the 2015 economy?

The Question:

Photo credit to DonkeyHotey on Flickr.comHow have the results of the midterm election impacted your attitude about the economy in 2015?

18% - I’m optimistic about next year but not because of politics
44% - I’m more optimistic about 2015 because the GOP control Congress
0% - I’m less optimistic because the Democrats lost control of Congress
38% - I’m pessimistic about the economy because of all the politicians
Jim’s Comments:
As you can see, over half of our respondents are either indifferent toward, or negative about the impact of the Political Class on their business.  The rest are hopeful about their business because of the upcoming Republican-controlled Congress. Alas, the Dems got no love in this poll.
I’m going to have more to say about these results in a longer piece in the next week or so. Stay tuned. Thanks for participating and be sure to take our new poll this week.

**Photo credit to Donkey Hotey on Flickr.com. Image links to page. (CC).

SBA Poll: Let’s take back America

The Question:
Who do you think bears the most responsibility for the government shutdown?

16% - Republican Party

18% - House Republicans

18%- President Obama

49% - Obama and Senate Democrats

My Comments:
In our recent poll question, we asked our small business audience this question: “Who do you think bears the most responsibility for the government shutdown?” Two-thirds of our respondents blame the president and his party, while the rest blame Republicans. It’s interesting that national polls of the general population put more of the blame on Republicans.

But here’s what I think: It doesn’t matter–they’re all to blame. Washington is not just broken, it’s rotten. Even the good guys, regardless of which side of the aisle they’re on, can’t find a way to make a difference by demonstrating leadership.

Once upon a time, a great American president invoked this notion regarding the relationship between the government and the governed, “… of the people, by the people, for the people.” A century and a half later, the political class has inverted this beautiful tenet into what is surely the ugliest form of narcissism ever observed in a democracy: of the small minded, by the petulant, for the ideology. And every day they pursue this agenda without any sense of shame.

In a conversation with Steve Forbes this year, I asked him what it will take to get America back on track. He said, “It will have to come from the grassroots.” Indeed. As I’ve said in this space before, Main Street, especially the small business sector, has to band together to take back America from the political class in Washington, to protect ourselves from the digital greed of Wall Street, and demand honest reporting from what has become the most corrupt media in the history of America.

When I say “band together,” it’s not as big a challenge as you might think. In the 2012 presidential election, approximately 126 million votes were cast for the two major parties. If you add up all of the owners and employees of small businesses in the U.S., that number would be approximately 100 million. I’m not saying anyone should change parties. But couldn’t the small business sector agree on this one thing: Demand the government run its business the way we have to run ours. The application of that demand on presidential candidates and members of Congress would go a long way toward ridding America of the embarrassing and destructive Kabuki theatre we’ve been watching for way too long.

Small business owners, let’s take back America! And our model is Main Street, where honesty, transparency and integrity are the coins of the realm.

If we don’t, I fear it won’t happen.

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Small Business Advocate Poll: Who will you elect to be the next president?

The Question:
In about six months either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be elected as the next president.
At this moment, who will you vote for?

12% - Barack Obama

83% - Mitt Romney

5% - Neither

My Commentary:
The Republican primary process is practically, if not technically over, and all signs point to a contest this November 6 between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Every day, one or more national polls are being released showing how these two are doing against each other either in general, or with regard to one group or another, such as independents, for example.

We wanted to know how Obama and Romney were doing with the small business electorate, so last week we asked this question of our audience: “In about six months either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be elected as the next president. At this moment, who will you vote for?”

As you can see, if our poll is any indication regarding small business politics, President Obama has some work to do with those who create over half of America’s GDP, employ over half of all workers and create most of the new jobs. Can he close the gap?


I have talked to several experts on my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, about the 2012 election, why it’s so important, and the prospects of the two parties. Click here to see the list and download or listen.

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Small business lessons for Washington

There are innumerable issues and circumstances that can create obstacles to small business success. Whether internal or external, most of these factors occur naturally in the course of doing business, and dealing with them just comes with the territory.

But there is one issue that small business owners shouldn’t be threatened with: poor performance of Washington’s political class.

The marketplace is indifferent to, and unforgiving of, the poor performance of any small business. But what is the small business appeal process when government behavior compromises the greater economy?

Job-one for small business owners is to keep their financial affairs in order – cash flow, profitability, etc. Failure to do so negates positive performance of all other activity.
Job-one for members of Congress is to appropriate the funds for the short and long-term financial operation of the government. Since the federal fiscal year begins on October 1, it follows that the budget and associated appropriations should be completed by September 30. At least that’s how things work in a small business – in the real world.

Without any sense of shame, it apparently seems normal to the Washington political class to still be debating the 2011 budget and funding process with less than half of the fiscal year remaining. Without any sense of embarrassment, the political class continues to behave in such a way as to be regularly compared to a Kabuki dance.

Kabuki is a form of Japanese theater in which characters dress, dance and behave on stage in ways that require the audience to suspend any sense of reality to enjoy. Sadly, few metaphors are more apt today.

We wanted to know what my radio, Internet and Newsletter audience thought about the behavior of America’s Kabuki cast of characters, so we asked this question: “Who is to blame for how Washington is handling the 2011 budget process?”

Even though both major political parties were offered up as the first two options, the response to the third is at once dramatic and hopeful. Almost 60% of our sample chose: “A pox on both houses; both are incompetent.”

If this super-majority sentiment is representative and endures to November 2012, all candidates may be required to demonstrate that they will operate the government as a successful small business owner does – in the responsible, real world.

Perhaps it would be enough just to have a sense of shame.

Last week on my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, I talked more about the lack of statesmanship and political shenanigans going on these days in Washington, D.C. Take a few minutes to click on the links below and leave us your thoughts on how you think the political haranguing should be resolved.

Washington’s Kabuki Dance: Without any sense of shame

America’s canary in the mineshaft

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