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RESULTS: How is your business tracking in the 4th quarter?

The Question:

With one month to go, how is your business tracking in the 4th quarter?

15% - Way ahead of last year’s sales or budget
46% - A little bit better that last year
18% - About the same as last year
21% - Worse that last year
Jim’s Comments:
When we asked a similar question in early September, 65% of you said things were trending well for the end of the year. As you can see, our new poll question on the economy prompted just short of that response, at 61%.  And just as we’ve seen for almost six years, about one-fifth of small businesses are still struggling.
There are two things that might be making the economy trend upward:

1. Republicans will be in control of both houses of Congress for the next two years. Most people who make payroll consider a GOP-led Congress to be an improvement if for no other reason than they’re not anti-business.

2. Gas prices are down almost a dollar from a year ago. That’s like a huge tax cut for the folks on both sides of the cash register.

Here’s hoping the winter isn’t too bad and we can carry some momentum into next year.

SBA Poll: What does your fourth quarter look like?

The Question:

With one quarter left in 2013, how does the rest of the year look for your business?

18% - We’re expecting a great finish to an already great year.

24% - We’re projecting a strong finish to a fair year.

52%- We’re expecting the last quarter to be like the first three - just okay.

6% - If the last quarter isn’t better than the first three, we’re in trouble.

My Comments:
As you can see from our poll response this week, some small businesses are doing well. But alas, more than half are not. Over four years since the end of the Great Recession, this should not be the case. I’m going to have more to say about this in an upcoming Feature Article. Stay tuned and thanks for contributing.


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