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If the Presidential election was held today, who would you vote for?

One of the annoying things about being a citizen of the United States is also one of the things that makes being an American so great: our political process.

But with regard to the annoying bits, perhaps the most irritating is what seems like very little relief from presidential campaigning. It’s as if the occupant of the White House is always campaigning, while the opposition party starts its run against the president at least two years before the election.

It seems to take the first year of the opposition party’s effort to unseat the president just to eliminate the also-rans - who never were serious candidates - during which time the serious players hone their campaigning skills. By the year of the election, there are usually a small handful that duke it out during the primary phase until finally, one is victorious and gets the nomination.

So here we are in that opposition party phase and in most polls, former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, is currently seen as the Republican front-runner. Since there are at present upwards of a dozen Republican hopefuls - too many to list - we decided to see how Romney stacks up at this moment against President Obama, so in last week’s poll, we asked, “If the Presidential election was held today, who would you vote for?”

There are many political experts who think Romney cannot beat Obama in the next election, but based on our respondents, these experts may be wrong. A little more than 60% of our sample said they would choose Romney over Obama at this time. The numbers for the president looked bleak, with only 14% saying Obama should get a second term. Those who said they were “Undecided,” came in at 24%, which could also mean that they would have chosen another Republican candidate if we had listed them all. We’ll keep polling you on this topic as the Republican field narrows over the next year.

As you consider who will lead the U.S. government from 2013-2016, please consider supporting the candidate that is the most favorable for small business. Because, as you’ve likely heard me say before, what is good for your small business is good for America - and the world.

Click here to listen to my conversations on the 2012 elections and small business with smarter people than me, like Steve Forbes and Grace-Marie Turner.

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