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POLL RESULTS: As we remember the fallen on Memorial Day, how has your family been touched by military service to our country?

The Question:

As we remember the fallen on Memorial Day, how has your family been touched by military service to our country?

16% - We have lost family members in the line of duty.

32% - We have friends who have died in the line of duty.

5% - We have family who have been injured in the line of duty.

47% - Our family has a long history of military service.

Jim’s Comments:

Memorial Day has come and gone for 2015. But the memories we have of those who paid the last full measure for us, and the debt we owe to them, endures as long as America does.

Thanks to all who participated. Don’t forget to take our new poll below.


Poll Results: Is the mainstream media biased and if so, does it impact how they report the news?

The Question:

Is the mainstream media biased and if so, does it impact how they report the news?

8% - The media are not biased and reporting is fair across the industry.

83% - The media are biased toward Democrats enough to influence their reporting.

6% - The media are biased toward Republicans enough to influence their reporting.
3% - The media seems to have a Democrat bias, but it does not impact reporting.

Jim’s Comments:

For many years, surveys of members of the media have revealed that the vast majority consider themselves liberals and, therefore, likely Democrats. Over the past thirty or forty years, these statistics, as our own polling seemed to indicate, have increasingly manifested as biased reporting.

And you don’t have to take my — or 83% of my audience’s — word for it. There have been a number of cases of high level bias so flagrant that sometimes jobs were lost and careers ended once exposed. In other cased jobs should have been lost but weren’t, like when CNN’s Candy Crowley became part of Team Obama in the 2012 debate she moderated against Romney.

More recently, the bias has been evident in the media’s failure to report on certain issues because it would have been negative toward one of their ideological causes or individuals. Like very little reporting on four dead Americans in Benghazi, while during the same period doing hundreds of reports on Gov. Christie’s Bridge-gate incident, which inconvenienced commuters.

More than a few observers have gone so far as to call the mainstream media corrupt. If this is true, and I wish I could argue with these people, America is the weaker for it. When you consider the state controlled media in Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea, it’s easy to see that an impartial media is essential to liberty and democracy.

RESULTS: How does the federal government influence your small business?

The Question:

In general, how do you regard the influence of the federal government on your business?

0% - The government helps more than it hurts.
84% - The government hurts more than it helps.
13% - There’s a balance between positive and negative.
3% - I’m not aware of good or bad government influence.

Jim’s Comments:

It’s long been an article of faith among Main Street business owners that the less government in their lives the better. So last week I wanted to see if that maxim is still in force. Not one respondent thought the balance was in favor of the government, but more than eight of ten allowed the government was more negative than positive. A small group said the relationship was balanced, and the tiny number at the bottom must represent start-ups.

The large group could be guilty of not giving the government credit for those things we take for granted: There is peace in our land, we have good highways and other conveyances, plus there are many services the government provides that it’s uniquely positioned to do. But it’s likely that our numbers skew against the government for at least three reasons: 1) unlike the marketplace, government typically is annoyingly illogical, 2) we don’t like it when the government tells us how to run our business, and 3) we don’t like the income redistribution ideology and policies coming from government for the past half century.

American would be so much better if the government would adopt more small business approaches to operating an organization and solving problems.

RESULTS: How will you file

The Question:

With tax filing dates coming up, how will you file?

62% - Will file both personal and business (corporate) by due dates
5% - Will file extension for business, but personal on time
0% - Will file business on time, but extension for personal
30% - Will file extensions for both personal and business
3%-Won’t file any returns this year
Jim’s Comments:

See Until Next Time above.

RESULTS: Where would you go for a business loan?

The Question:

If you needed a business loan for for equipment or working capital, which of these sources would you go to first?

16% - One of the major national banks
69% - A local community bank
12% - A credit union
3% - Crowdsourcing loan
Jim’s Comments:
As you can see, almost 7 of 10 of our small business audience use community banks for business loans. This is interesting because according to the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), nationally almost 6 of 10 small business loans are made by community banks. The big news for this poll is that crowdfunding registered for the first time. The number is small, but this credit source essentially didn’t exist a couple of years ago.

I’m going to have more to say about this, including the implications of all of the responses for small businesses and credit organizations in my Feature Article next week. Stay tuned.

RESULTS: Who should own the Internet?

The Question:

The Net Neutrality debate is about who controls the Internet: businesses through competition and contracts, or government by turning it into a utility. What do you think?

2% - The government should be in control of the Internet.
74% - The government should leave the Internet alone.
19% - There should be a way to balance control between these two.
5% - Undecided.
Jim’s Comments:

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