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Small Business Advocate Poll: Principles of the Tea Party

The fundamental principles of the Tea Party are a balanced federal budget and smaller government. Do you think their ideas are good for America or not?

80% - Good

14% - Not Good

0% -Undecided

My Commentary:

The so-called Tea Party is an interesting phenomenon in that it sprang up as a true grassroots movement. Regular Americans representing many demographics and regions started demanding a commitment to smaller government and fiscal conservatism from any political candidate who wanted their vote.

In less than two years of existence, without any central organization or financial backing, the Tea Party nominated and elected enough members of Congress in 2010 to become a political game changer by 2011.

We wanted to know what you think about the Tea Party, so last week we asked this question: “Do you think their ideas are good for America or not?” Here’s what you said.

A little more than one-in-ten of our sample said the Tea Party was not good for America. Only 5% said they were undecided. But 82% of our respondents said the Tea Party was good for the U.S.

This week we ask another question involving the Tea Party, so I’ll have more to say about this group later.

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