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Small Business Advocate Poll: Political conventions and dinosaurs

The Question:
Did the political conventions impact your voting plans?

4% - My mind was not changed. I’m still voting for Obama/Biden.

76%- My mind was not changed. I’m still voting for Romney/Ryan.

2% - My mind was changed. I’m now voting for Obama/Biden.

2% - My mind was changed. I’m now voting for Romney/Ryan.

16% - I still haven’t decided.

My Comments
In two previous polls, we wanted to gauge your interest with regard to political conventions and, as you know, we reported those responses - with my commentary - at the end of each convention.

For our most recent poll - post-conventions - we wanted to know how successful you thought they were, so we asked: “Did the political conventions impact your voting plans?” Here’s what you said:

Four percent of our sample said “My mind was not changed. I’m still voting for Obama/Biden, compared to 76% who said they remained committed to Romney/Ryan.

In the mind-changing category, 2% for each party said their minds had been changed by the conventions. And finally, those reporting they are still undecided - arguably the most powerful political influencers in America - came in at 16%.

So here’s what I’m getting from the past three weeks of poll responses:

  • Small business owners are more likely to be Republicans than Democrats.
  • Both parties had very little success in changing minds.
  • There are still - incredibly - a lot of people who haven’t made up their minds about who they will vote for.
  • National conventions are experiencing the same fate as the dinosaurs.

Thanks for participating in our polls, especially these associated with the election cycle in progress. Whether we like it or not, politics impacts our businesses and, as owners, we must engage in the debate and the process. Otherwise, we will be relegated to taking what politicians - and special interest groups - give us, making the assumption that we don’t care.

Small business owners, let’s begin the process of taking back our country and reinstalling Main Street values of authenticity, intellectual honesty, accountability, market-based solutions and reverence for the U.S. Constitution.


Bill Brandt

Rich Galen

On my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, I talked about the impact of the 2012 political conventions and their validity in the future with Bill BrandtPresident and CEO of Development Specialists, Inc. and Democrat pundit, and Rich Galen, publisher of Mullings.com and Republican operative. Click on on the links below to download or listen.

Will political conventions be part of our political future? with Bill Brandt

Who won the battle of the conventions? with Rich Galen

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Small Business Advocate Poll: Political conventions, Does anybody care?

The Question:
How much of the Republican Party Convention will you watch this week?

42% - As much as possible

32% - Probably just the last night

15% - None - conventions are no longer relevant

10% - Not interested in the Romney/Ryan message

My Comments:
The first political convention was held in 1766 to nominate a candidate for governor of Connecticut. The first convention to nominate a president was in 1831 held by the Mason Party, with Democrats and Republicans holding their first conventions in 1832.

Since the first presidential conventions - and for most of America’s political history - they served the purpose of selecting the nominee of each party, including many hotly contested and acrimonious events. For most of the past half century, however, conventions have served little more than to be a showcase for the incumbent and/or the last candidate standing in each party after the primary process - about 99% production and 1% nominating process.

Consequently, with the possibility of virtually no drama or surprises, conventions have become less of a big deal in America in the past generation. Indeed, where broadcast television networks once practiced the term they coined of “gavel to gavel” coverage, the big three - ABC, NBC and CBS - have reduced coverage from three or four hours a day for five convention days, to only the last hour each day.

We wanted to know how our small business audience felt about watching the GOP convention this year, so last week we asked this question: “How much of the Republican Party Convention will you watch this week?” Here’s what you told us.

One in ten of our respondents said, “Not interested in the Romney/Ryan message,” 15% said, “None - the conventions are no longer relevant,” and almost one third of our sample said, “Probably just the last night.” But the big number, 42%, said “As much as possible.”

This week the Democrats will stage their convention in Charlotte, N.C., where the Obama-Biden team will be nominated again. So our new poll asks the same question as last week, except for the party name change. Please make sure to register your answer.

It will be interesting to see how the new poll compares to last week’s response. I’ll have a final comment on both surveys next week. Stay tuned.

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