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Video: Are you an Internet dynamo or a dinosaur?

In this week's video I offer advice on executing an online strategy.

Are you an Internet dynamo or a dinosaur? from Jim Blasingame on Vimeo.

Video - Are you an Internet dynamo or a dinosaur?

In this week’s video I offer advice on executing an online strategy within your small business.

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Small business retailers competing in the 21st century

Every day, small business retailers feel they’re fighting a war on two fronts: 1) being bludgeoned by the Big Box anchored around the corner, while 2) simultaneously being mugged by an online competitor floating around untethered in the clouds of cyberspace.  So how do small traditional establishments go to war with these two formidable opponents?  The answer is short and sweet: They don’t.

Here are a couple of quick points about defending your traditional retail small business:

1.  Prospects of your small retail business are the least likely prospects for a Big Box. The feeling that makes customers prefer the comfort of customization and connection to being overwhelmed by size is so compelling that they will choose you and pay the price you have to charge to fulfill this strong emotion. But you have to deliver on this emotion with the offense of value instead of acting defensively - like being seduced into a price war. Remember, the price war is over, and you lost.

2.  These same prospects are increasingly demanding that the companies they do business with provide them with online capability.  Small brick-and-mortar retailers don’t have to conquer the e-commerce world, but they do have to have a presence there.

In summary, you can beat the Big Boxes primarily by just not trying to be them. But the only way to stay competitive with the online assault is by incorporating an online strategy with your traditional model, which means a website at a minimum - at least e-shopping, if not an e-commerce component - plus the methodical collection of customer contact information, serving a periodic connection strategy to stay top-of-mind.

Recently, on my small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, I talked about the future of small business retail with Darlene Quinn. Darlene is a journalist, the author of Webs of Power and a member of my Brain Trust.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen to our conversation and be sure to leave your own thoughts about small business retail in the 21st century. Listen Live! Download, Too!

Small business, online customers and local search

One of the most troubling statistics I’ve seen lately revealed that approximately half of small businesses STILL don’t have a website.  If you’re one of those companies that have chosen to disregard the billions of prospects who are online around the world, I have two words to say to you that should get you motivated:  Local search.

Every second, zillions of people are typing, tapping, thumbing or, in the case of smart phones, saying into their computing devices (computers, cellphones, etc.) search words that are the objects of their immediate desire, plus one more thing: Where is the closest place I can find this?  Local search.

Pepperoni pizza in Peoria.  Model trains in Monroe. Wedding planners in Wausau. Local search.

Are the doors of your business open to the world of online customers? Recently, on my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, I talked about finding success online with Stephen Pierce. Stephen is an Internet multi-millionaire who runs an empire of online businesses and three different coaching clubs. Take a few minutes to listen to what Stephen has to say, and be sure to leave your comments. Listen Live! Download, Too!

Your small business diversity strategy.

Having a diverse employee roll in a small business has always been the right thing to do. But one of the things that has become evident in the marketplace in the past couple of decades is that, beyond the right thing, diversity in an organization is a management best practice. And now, in the 21st century, there are brand new diversity motivators which have broadened the definition of having a diverse team.

Can we stipulate that any small business without an online presence is a dinosaur waiting to become extinct? Thank you. And “on-line” now means more than just a website; it includes e-marketing and social networking. So that means part of your diversity strategy must include input from at least one person under the age of 30, and probably someone under 25.

Such was the topic of conversation today with long-time Brain Trust member, Gene Griessman, author of “The Words Lincoln Lived By,” on my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show. Take a few minutes to listen to my interview with this wise person — it’s easy. And be sure to leave behind your own thoughts and best practices.

Small business e-commerce can deliver sales growth

Even during these challenging economic times there is one thing that is still going up: online sales. But as more and more consumers and businesses are making purchases online there is one disturbing statistic that I’ve heard recently: half of small businesses still don’t have a website. Unbelievable.

Today I interviewed Brain Trust member Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com, on my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, and we discussed the many reasons that every business should have a presence online, even if only to let prospects know what you sell as they shop around in cyberspace.

At a time when all businesses are trying to maximize every sales opportunity, listen to what Patrick and I had to say about ways to help with your small business’ online strategy. Oh, and if you have a comment or something to add, give it your best shot in the comments section.

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