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SBA Poll: Climate Change, what do you think?

The Question:
President Obama says climate change is “the global threat of our time.” What do you think?

12% - The president is right.

8% - Climate change is real, but not our greatest threat.

34% - What threat? The planet has been warming for 10,000 years.

46% - Climate change zealots are the global threat of our time.

My Comments:
As you can see, only a little more than one-in-ten respondents to our poll agree with President Obama’s strong position on climate change, with another 8% taking a less extreme position on the topic. The rest, 80%, disagree with the president, with almost half of those warning of the dangers of climate change zealots.

Global warning, aka climate change, is not settled science. There are plenty of things about this issue that can and should be debated. But President Obama doesn’t like to debate. He likes to declare something to be so, and arrogantly accuse anyone who disagrees with him to be either part of the problem, ignorant, or even malevolent. But the climate change policies the president and other zealots want to impose will have a dramatic impact on America’s future, because their solutions to address this “global threat” will unilaterally impact Americans in a very dangerous way.

I’m going to have more to say about this soon in my Feature Article. Stay tuned…and thanks for participating.


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