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Avoid the “Small Business Condition” - ask questions

What’s the first thing you learned in school after finding the bathroom and how big the teacher’s paddle is? There are no dumb questions. Right?

Small business owners should print these words and post them on the computer monitor because it’s one of our most dangerous deficiencies. I call it the “Small Business Condition,” and there are at least four reasons why small business owners contract this debilitating affliction:

1. Embarrassment - they think everyone else knows the answer, so they should too.

2. Revealing such a lack of knowledge would make them appear dumb and, therefore, uncompetitive.

3. They don’t know anyone to ask, like a consultant.

4. If they did know someone to ask, like a consultant, they would imagine that they couldn’t afford to hire this person to get the answers.

Left untreated, the “Condition” can be a fatal small business disease.

Perhaps you can tell that the “Condition” has occupied my mind for a long time. I first witnessed it when I had my small business consulting company and decided to devote the rest of my professional career eradicating this affliction. In fact, the business model of my small business radio show and media company allows us to create small business content and electronic delivery systems that can be accessed anonymously, for free and on-demand. The good news is that others have also committed themselves to this cause and, consequently, unlike 15 or 20 years ago, easy access to small business information abounds today.

Recently, I talked about the “Condition” with Brain Trust member, Nora Klaver, management expert and author of Mayday! Asking for Help in Times of Need. I think you’ll enjoy listening to what we had to say. And, please, leave your comments for us and others.

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