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Promoting women small business ownership

Women business owners are the fastest growing segment of the small business sector, currently representing around half of all business ownership.  And women have come a long way in their quest to overcome obstacles and challenges that are unique to them, such as access to credit, just to name one issue.
Since I first began broadcasting my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, I’ve made it a point to include plenty of programming on women business ownership issues, which has created a number of important relationships with the best experts on women in business in the world.  Over the years, this group of experts and I have produced a significant body of work on this topic, of which we are very proud.
Recently two of the ladies in my Brain Trust have joined my on my show to talk about how women can start, run and grow their businesses.  First, Mary Cantando and I talked about women helping other women as she introduced her 2010 Woman’s Advantage Calendar. Mary is the author of The Woman’s Advantage and a recognized authority on women’s business initiatives. By the way, Mary mentions a special code that will get you a discount if you want to purchase her calendar.
Also joining me is one of the newest members of my Brain Trust, certified financial counselor,  Hollis Colquhoun (pronounced Calhoun), who is the co-author of Women Empowering Themselves: A Financial Survival Guide. We talked about how women can take control over their personal financial health while they do the same for their families. Take a few minutes to listen to my conversations with these very smart ladies. And be sure to let us know about your own experiences.
Mary Cantando’s interview: Listen Live! Download, Too!
Hollis Colquhoun’s interview: Listen Live! Download, Too!

The growing phenomenon of women business ownership

For the past 30 years, marketplace forces and the evolution of business technology have continued to move in the direction of democratization. This means more productive tools designed for the size tasks of small businesses and offered at incremental price points that fit their diminutive budgets.

Today, technological leverage for small businesses is comparable to big businesses. And when you take their inherent flexibility into consideration, it’s easy to see how smaller and smaller enterprises are, within their scale of operation, increasingly able to compete with the big guys.

One of the groups that falls into that “smaller and smaller enterprise” category is women-owned businesses. Historically, women have not started businesses at the same rate as men for many reasons, not the least of which was access to capital. But for the period of time that not coincidentally tracks perfectly with the incrementalization of technology, women-owned businesses have become the fastest growing segment of the marketplace. With more powerful tools at prices that fit their smaller caches of capital, women business owners have become an entrepreneurial force to reckon with, and there is no reason to believe that this trend won’t continue.

Over the years I’ve made a commitment to regularly cover this growing phenomenon of women business ownership on my small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show. Recently, I’ve interviewed several experts on this topic, including Kim Lavine, author of Mommy Millionaire, Mary Cantando, author of The Woman’s Advantage, and Janet Christy, author of Capitalizing on Being Woman-Owned. In these interviews we’ve discussed the issues that are unique to women in business, including both the challenges and the opportunities.

Here are links to these three interviews, plus a link to the body of work I’ve amassed on our website where you can find dozens of interviews with women-in-business experts.

Kim Lavine Listen Live! Download, Too!
Mary Cantando Listen Live! Download, Too!
Janet Christie Listen Live! Download, Too!
Full list of women-in business archives

Take a few minutes to listen to these experts and, of course, be sure to leave your thoughts.

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