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Small business opportunities - and tractors

The great 20th century entrepreneur, Henry Ford, made a trip to Europe during WWI to try to encourage the combatants to end the war. Before long he was back in the U.S. rather frustrated and disappointed in the results of his mission. But he later made the following observation, “I didn’t get much peace, but I found out that Russia is going to be a great market for tractors.”

By this time in his life, Mr. Ford probably wasn’t surprised when the pursuit of one project (which failed) produced information, if not opportunity, for another. For ourselves, it’s not possible to know where or when the next revelation, discovery or new opportunity is going to occur. For example:

- The next phone call could provide valuable information for our business.
- The next person we meet could become the newest member of our company’s brain trust.
- The next expert’s words we hear or read could trigger some clearer view into a previously murky perspective.
- The next annoying problem we face could turn into a life changing opportunity.

I think Mr. Ford would tell us that none of this happens if we don’t engage the world at least half-way. We must make ourselves available to the possibilities.

Remember, when opportunity knocks it’s often disguised as something else. And if we’re not available when it comes calling, opportunity doesn’t leave a message, it moves on.

How’s YOUR tractor business these days?

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