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Once and future presidents in Small Business U.S.A.

We’re experiencing so many unprecedented things these days. Never mind the economic challenges and capitalism paradigm shifts, America is about to inaugurate its first black president. But the anticipation of this presidency is as remarkable as this historic electoral breakthrough.

Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Charles Krauthammer recently observed that, unprecedented in history, we seem to have two presidential scenarios going on today. President Bush is the leader of our foreign policy, but is seemingly irrelevant on domestic matters. President-elect Obama appropriately has nothing to say about affairs abroad; but plans for his first four years in office, especially with regard to dealing with our troubled economy, have become the domestic coin of the realm.

So, what will be the legacy of George W. Bush? And what is the promise of Barack Obama? The answer is the same for both: Time will tell.

History will take a more comprehensive view of Mr. Bush’s tenure in the White House and will find more balance in his legacy than current evidence would suggest. It has become an acceptable sport to deride George Bush, but those who won’t wait for the mill of time to produce a purer grind should temper their judgment with the fact that there is no more difficult job than being the leader of the free world. Indeed, the day will come soon enough when Mr. Obama will pray for this kind of understanding from his critics.

No living person can know the measure of this rude truth more than members of the tiny club the President-elect is about to join; but already he’s being compared to Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy without having spent a day behind the desk in the Oval Office. One commentator recently observed that Obama’s reality will be hard-pressed to measure up to the hope so many have placed in him. Truly, he will need all of our prayers, support whenever possible and critiques when it contributes to the debate.

Recently on my small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, I discussed our once and future presidents with Republican strategist, Rich Galen, publisher of the cyber-column, Mullings.com and Brain Trust member. Rich’s decades of experience in national politics give him perspectives you don’t want to miss. Take a few minutes to listen to this interview. And be sure to leave a comment.

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