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Small business management from the middle

Once there was a crow perched on a fence, looking at a turtle that was sitting on top of a fence post. After the crow inquired of the turtle as to how he came to be there, the turtle answered, “Well, one thing is for sure: I didn’t get here by myself.”

If small business owners are to find success in their business, it’s a virtual certainty that they won’t get there by themselves. Business growth requires leveraging other people in the form of employees and managers. It also requires the Alpha Manager (AM) – typically the founder – to be able to delegate.

The term “to be able to” has more than one moving part. First, the AM has to actually be prepared to delegate project ownership and the work. Second, the delegation has to be conducted by the AM in a manner that fosters a successful project completion. And third, the managers and employees have to be competent enough for the task being delegated.

Recently I had an excellent discussion with Brain Trust member, Rick Maurer- author of “Why Don’t You Want What I Want?”- about what he called, “Managing from the middle.” Rick is one of the smartest management minds in the Brain Trust, and I think you’ll find the time you spend listening to our conversation to be well spent.

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