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Small business and the heretics among us

Have you ever had someone – like an employee – say something to you that, at the time, sounded so off-the-wall that you dismissed the comment and mentally put the person in the “wacko” category? But then, after a while – a few days, weeks or months – things happened that made what that person said actually start to look more like wisdom than wacko?

If the scenario above has happened to you, turns out, you were in the company of a heretic. Isn’t it interesting how often today’s heretic becomes tomorrow’s prophet?

According to my Brain Trust member, Art Kleiner, who wrote the book on this topic, “The Age of Heretics,” a heretic is someone who is a true believer in what you’re doing, has discovered something they feel should be noted even if the news isn’t welcomed, and who has the courage of his or her convictions to speak truth to power. Every small business owner or manager should pray that they not only have heretics working for them, including the courage thing, but, more importantly, that they – the power – are smart enough to listen to and seriously consider what could be prophecy.

Recently I talked with Art Kleiner about this topic on my small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show. If you agree with my “prayer” idea above, and if you listen to my conversation with Art, I think you’ll actually be able to benefit from your next close encounter of the heretical kind and, perhaps, even begin fostering some heretical thinking in your organization.

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