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SBA Poll Results: President Obama and Executive Orders

The Question:
President Obama is frustrated with Congress and plans to use more Executive Orders to govern. What do you think?

2% - He should use this tactic as often as necessary.

11% - He should use Executive orders, but only when constitutional.

68% - He should be stopped from using unconstitutional Executive Orders.

18% - He should move to the center and work with Republicans.

My Comments:
One of my predictions for 2014 was that Congressional Republicans would resort to lawsuits to reign in President Obama’s practice of issuing executive orders for policies that even casual observers would consider outside of his constitutional boundaries.

And then, in his State of the Union address, the president doubled down on this practice by telling Congress to their faces, as a guest in their house, that he would essentially be sticking his finger in their eye with even more executive orders. As you can see, when we asked our audience about this, only 2% agree with the president, with the other 98% essentially wanting him to follow the Constitution.

What’s it look like when a U.S. president, any president, does the executive equivalent of breaking the law by violating the Constitution? How far does Congress allow a president to go before they take action? With the now declared defiant position of President Obama, I believe these and other constitutional questions being posed will be debated in court over the remainder of his presidency. And time will tell whether this activity will be good or bad for America.

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