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Entrepreneurs are modern day Merlins

Merlin was a wizard.  No small credential that.

But the most fascinating thing about King Arthur’s mentor was that, according to legend, he lived his life backwards; he came from the future. You might say his life was going the wrong way down a one-way world.  Poor Merlin; he already knew how things were going to turn out.
If Merlin showed up on your doorstep today would you want to know what he could tell you? Not me. Where would the fun be in knowing how your plans were going to turn out before you implemented them? Whether you’re a hell-bent-for-leather entrepreneur with everything hanging in the balance on the validity of your vision, or a part-time practitioner taking a tiny chance in just one aspect of your business, wouldn’t knowing the future be, well, un-entrepreneurial?
Entrepreneurs are the modern-day wizards, but in a sort of reverse-Merlin way:  We come from the past to influence the future. Like Merlin, we use what we have learned to know what’s coming next. But unlike Merlin, we get to imagine and create what has never existed. Merlin had some pretty cool powers, but I would rather be an entrepreneur.
In our one-way world, entrepreneurs drive forward while always keeping the rear-view mirror perspective in focus. Soren Kierkegaard, the famous 19th century Danish philosopher, spoke of this when he said, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”  Sounds like he knew us, doesn’t it?
Now go pull that sword out of the stone.  You can do it!

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