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In the Age of the Customer, employee engagement is paramount

As we enter what I am calling the “Age of the Customer,” employee engagement becomes more and more essential for small business success.  If you want customers to stay engaged with your business you have to have engaged employees for them to interact with. If you’re not meeting your business goals, there is an excellent chance that you have an employee engagement problem.  Chester Elton is one of the world’s leading experts on employee engagement and he says your people have to have a reason to value their work other than the pay.

Today Chester joined me on my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, to discussed why employee engagement is needed now more than ever, and reported on some real examples of how two businesses increased their bottom lines by increasing employee engagement.

Besides being a valuable member of my Brain Trust, Chester Elton is a world-travelled speaker and recognition consultant and co-author of several books on employee recognition, including The Carrot Principle.  His day-job is as the “apostle of appreciation” at the O.C. Tanner Company. Take a few minutes to listen to our visit and leave your thoughts on what you’ve done to motivate your internal customers. Listen Live! Download, Too!

Employee engagement is a key to small business success

With so many hats to wear in a small business, and so few heads to put them on, making sure everyone on the team is committed to excellence is always necessary. But right now we have this thing hanging over our heads – economists call it a recession – and regardless of how it’s impacting your business, this is not a time for the human components of your small business machine to be less than finely tuned. Here are two important fine-tuning steps to take:

1) Make sure you’re employing people who are engaged in their work. In a good economy the negative impact of an unengaged employee is often masked or diluted by opportunity, and merely reduces organizational productivity. But in a recession, the drag of even one unengaged team member can be the difference between survival and, well, you know. Discover if you have an unengaged employee, redeem them if you can and get rid of them if you can’t.

2) Share your vision for how the business is going to address the challenges ahead. It’s not unreasonable for you to believe that your employees trust your leadership. But during unsettling times like these, a leader should reinforce the trust factor with some details.

In a team meeting (perhaps more than one) ask your team members to talk about their concerns about the economy. Ask them for suggestions on how the company can become more productive, effective and efficient. If you can, talk about your experiences in past downturns. Employees will like hearing that this isn’t their leader’s first rodeo. Explain what you’re doing to make sure the business will weather this storm, and talk specifically about what the company needs them to do.

Michael Stallard is an employee engagement expert and he joined me recently on my small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, to talk about this very important part of successful business management. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from one of the best. And of course, be sure to offer your own thoughts.

Maximizing small business employee engagement

For the past year or so I’ve reported on my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, the results of several national employee engagement surveys that have been conducted by highly credentialed organizations. The news has not been good.

In every survey, with respondents partitioned into three groups – not engaged, somewhat engaged and very engaged – the survey with the most favorable numbers indicated that each of the groups represented one third of the respondents. The other surveys indicated worse numbers, as bad as 20-60-20. So, at best, these surveys indicated that two-thirds of employees are either not engaged or only somewhat engaged. Pretty scary,huh?

Clearly, something’s wrong. And if you think about it, we didn’t need a survey to confirm what we see everyday when we’re being served in the marketplace – more disengagement than engagement.

So is the problem bad management? Bad hiring practices? Employees with bad attitudes? Probably a combination of all of these, but one thing is for sure: it’s up to management to fix this mess.

This week, on my radio show, I interviewed engagement expert and Brain Trust member, Joyce Weiss- author of “Full Speed Ahead”- about this. She offered several tips and best practices that I think will help you maximize the engagement of your employees. Take a few minutes to listen to this archive of The Small Business Advocate Show, and leave your comments, too.

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