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Courage is a synonym for entrepreneur

One of the most powerful words in the English language is courage; it’s also a characteristic unique to humans.

The reason courage is a uniquely human trait is because it is typically demonstrated for something other than self - a cause, a country, another human - which is abstract thinking, also unique to humans.  And courage usually manifests itself after the courageous has had time to think about it.  Someone once said, “Courage is fear that has said its prayers.”  If you’ve had time to pray, you’ve had time to change your mind.

Courage is certainly not unique to entrepreneurs, but it is a characteristic very much in evidence in the entrepreneurial world.  And the abstract that we’re willing to fight for is our vision.

When you start a small business you demonstrate courage. When you persevere in the face of entrenched paradigms and small-minded naysayers, you demonstrate courage. And what about failure?  If you fail - nay, when you fail - and then persevere, welcome to the rarified air of the courageous.  Since you can’t fail if you don’t try, only the courageous can know failure.

You don’t have to be an entreprneur to be courageous. But you can’t be an entrepreneur without having courage.

Recently on my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, I talked with my friend and Brain Trust member, Dave Anderson about leading with courage. Dave is president of Learn To Lead and author of several books, including How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK. Please take a few minutes to listen to what Dave has to say about courage, and, as always, leave your thoughts. Listen Live! Download, Too!< >< ><–>

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