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Small business and a fatal attraction

Competition is arguably the most important dynamic in a free market economy. Indeed, two of the most valuable products that are alloyed in the competitive crucible are the pressure to innovate and the quest for excellence.

But sometimes focusing on the competition can become a bad thing.

In the classic, “Winning through Intimidation,” Robert Ringer writes about how a lawyer begins negotiations on your behalf by saying to the other lawyer, “He wants this.” Later, if your attorney says, “We want this,” on his way to demanding, “I want this,” Ringer says at that point, your lawyer is focusing more on beating the other lawyer than serving your best interests.

I think this is what happens to a lot of businesses, large and small. We get so focused on beating the competition that we start to think that that is our purpose, rather than serving the customer. I call this the “Customer? What Customers? Syndrome.” CWCS is a fatal condition.

Someone who has a lot to say about this is Jim Champy, one of the world’s foremost experts on management performance and author of the new book, “Outsmart.” Recently Jim joined me on my small business radio program to talk about how to maintain a healthy balance between watching the competition and staying focused on customers. Don’t miss the valuable perspectives of this important voice. And be sure to leave a comment.

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