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Small business opportunity to manufacture time

For a number of years I’ve observed that one of the opportunities for small business is the ability to create time. That’s right; I said small business owners can manufacture time. But here’s the catch: not for themselves, but for their customers. The reason this is possible is, more and more, people are valuing their time more than their money. Consequently, they will pay a small business to do something that they previously would have done themselves, like cut the grass, clean the house, shop for groceries - you get the picture.

But these examples are conducted by people with that service as their business model. In fact, every small business can find new opportunity with their current customers by identifying a “time-saving” need and adding that component to whatever they’ve already been selling.

Recently I interviewed Chantal Boxer who, along with her husband, Edward, started a concierge business, Fini Concierge, which essentially means they do errands and organize small projects for people who need these things done but don’t want to do it themselves. I think you’ll find our conversation an interesting one about how to profit from the fact that, more and more, people are valuing their time more than their money.

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