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Control and Value: Rules for the Age of Community

According to Brain Trust member and global marketing executive, Kirk Cheyfitz, we’re entering the post-advertising age. Now comes Brain Trust member and branding expert, Jonathan Baskin, who says we’re entering the post-marketing era. What’s the difference in these prophecies?

First, there really is no difference in what these two thought-leaders are saying because both mean that paradigms are shifting in the marketplace with regard to the relationship between a company and its customers. Second, there are two words that marketplace paradigms are shifting around: Control and Value. And both of these concepts create the rules for what now comes after post-advertising/marketing, which is building and serving communities.

In the 21st century, relationships between businesses and customers are moving from the marketing dimension – where businesses talk at customers about themselves, to the community dimension – where businesses and customers talk with each other about what customers want. In this new dimension, customers have control and businesses must define their values and then execute by delivering value.

For generations, companies had control of the relationship with customers because they were introducing new products and services, and doing so in such a way as to drive adoption and consumption with their marketing strategy. Now, in the 21st century, virtually everything we sell, including services, is a commodity. That means the only thing unique about what we offer customers is the experience they have with us when we do business.

Customers have always controlled how they feel about that experience, but now, with social media technology intersecting with generational shifts and technological innovations they have the tools and social acceptance to exert control by the ways they want to be reached and by the ability to publish their experiences so others can see, learn and evaluate.

In the Age of Community, the only way a business can influence its customer communities is by establishing and being true to its values and delivering value by doing more than is expected.

Recently, on my small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, I talked with Jonathan Baskin, author of Branding Is for Cattle, and Kirk Cheyfitz, president of Story Worldwide, about the post-advertising/marketing era and building communities. Take a few minutes to listen to my conversation with these thought-leaders. And, as always, be sure to leave your thoughts.

My interview with Jonathan Baskin:
My interview with Kirk Cheyfitz:

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