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Small Business Advocate Poll: Are generation gaps in the workplace creating communication barriers?

The Question:
There has never been a time when so many age groups are in the workplace. Are you seeing any communication challenges between the generations?

31% - Very much - it’s like we’re from different planets

57% - Somewhat - it’s noticeable but we’re handling it

11% - Not at all - what problem?

My Commentary:
“What we have hee-yah, is a fail-ya to communicate.” This was the lament of Captain, the road crew boss in the movie “Cool Hand Luke,” played by the great character actor, Strother Martin. Apparently, there is a lot of this going around in the workplace today.

As you can see, 89% of our respondents reported some level of communication issues between the generations in the workplace, with almost one-third expressing extreme frustration. There are a number of reasons for this, especially in two areas: the increasing influence of technology in our lives and we’re living in a time where people are staying in the workplace longer than in the past 100 years.

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