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Reviewing Blasingame’s 2009 Predictions and accuracy

It’s time to review my 2009 predictions from a year ago and tally my accuracy.

Prediction: In 2009, Main Street and small businesses, not Wall Street, will suffer the most. Reality: Unemployment 10.2%, Dow Jones up 55%, +1.

Prediction: The recovery will begin in the second half of ’09. Reality: Technically, the recession ended Q2, +1.

Prediction: The credit crisis will hurt business start-up opportunities. Reality: Record low new businesses, +1.

Prediction: Retailers and big-ticket sellers will suffer the most in 2009. Reality: This one was easy, +1.

Prediction: The Obama administration will produce a successful small business economic relief plan. Reality: Shouldn’t have said “successful,” -1.

Prediction: Community banks will thrive in 2009. Reality: Except in states hit hard by real estate speculation, community banks have been the bright spots in the economy, +1.

Prediction: Unprecedented government intervention will not bear economic fruit until the second half. Reality: “Cash for clunkers” in Q3, +1.

Prediction: The Obama administration will not push the pro-union Employee Free Choice Act in 2009. Reality: Bingo! Expect it in 2010, +1.

Prediction: Congress will not pass a “cap-and-trade” bill in 2009. Reality: House 1/Senate 0, +1.

Prediction: The Obama administration will not recommend any tax increases. Reality: No new taxes, but many “recommended,” -1.

Prediction: The Obama administration will push hard for healthcare reform in 2009. Reality: Economy and health care reform have been 1a and 1b, +1.

Prediction: Al Franken, will be the next Senator from Minnesota. Reality: Franken was sworn in July 8, 2009, +1.

Prediction: The Fed will begin nudging interest rates up in Q4. Reality: Didn’t happen, -1.

Prediction: Oil prices will average below $65 per barrel. Reality: 2009 average was $59.04, +1.

Prediction: The electorate will rise up against the federal government over poor leadership and anti-growth policies. Reality: Tea Parties, +1.

Prediction: Wall Street and Washington created most of our economic problems, but Main Street small businesses will lead the recovery. Reality: Any questions? +1.

After a bad ’08 (7 for 15), I went 13 for 16 in ’09, putting my 9-year average at 70%. How’d you do?

Small business and a union organizing threat

Union representation in the private sector has dropped from around 30% in 1960 to less than 8% today. The union product doesn’t sell well to the new generation labor force because 21st century employers do a pretty good job of taking care of their workers. I consider unions to be dinosaurs waiting to become extinct.

To reverse this trend, unions, with the help of their soul-mates in the U.S. Congress, have concocted an erroneously named bill called the Employee Free Choice Act (aka Card Check bill). This law would be anything but free choice because, as designed, a union organizer can require an employee to vote “yes” or “no” on a card in front of the organizer and anyone else standing around. In other words: no secret ballot – one of the cherished hallmarks of our democratic heritage.

This bill, which should be called the, “Employee No Choice Act,” will likely be introduced and brought up for a vote within the first 100 days of the Obama administration. If passed, it will create a dangerous scenario for many small businesses because it would allow union organizers to have more influence with workers at smaller and smaller businesses, which historically were not attractive union prospects. All they need is a majority of votes to organize, and if the small business owner and newly organized labor can’t come to an agreement on terms within 90 days, either party can require a process that would lead to binding arbitration.

Clearly, vestiges of 20th century commitments to the UAW is a significant reason the Big Three U.S. auto makers can’t compete in the 21st century with foreign auto manufacturers, who built factories in the U.S. and employ thousands of Americans without union representation. One of the most dramatic example is what’s known as the “Job Bank.” Check out the information on this link or do a Google search with this term to see for yourself.

Why would we want to impose unions on more companies, including small businesses, when the evidence of their negative impact has never been more dramatic. With so many union “soul mates” in control of the Federal government in 2009, small business owners will have to step up our vigilance and do what we can to defeat this dangerous law.

I talked about this issue on my radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, this week. Take a listen and let me know what you think about my ideas.

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