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Small Business Advocate Poll: New Year Resolutions for 2012

The Question:
It’s 2012 - a brand new year. Will you make any New Year’s resolutions?

67% - Yes - wish me luck.

33% - No - why bother; they never last.

Jim’s Comments:
The only thing more annoying than people who ask you if you made any New Year Resolutions are people who ask how you’re doing with keeping them.

Since being annoying can sometimes be kinda fun, we asked this question last week: “Will you make any 2012 New Year Resolutions.”

I won’t say my faith in humanity was restored merely by the fact that two-thirds of our respondents said, “Yes, wish me luck.” But it does make one feel better that apparently, hope still springs eternal for most folks. The other third who said, “No, why bother,” represent the pragmatic, or the logical, possibly the fatalistic or, dare I say, dark side of our audience.

However hopeful or resigned you are about the New Year, let’s have a good 2012 together.

I’ve talked about smart small business resolutions for the new year with several experts in the last couple of weeks. Click here to see our library of podcasts on resolutions and small business goals and listen or download the ones you like.

Also, leave us a comment on your business goals for this year.

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