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Attitude is everything

In the world of small business, attitude is everything. Yes, I know, profit is essential and cash is king. I’ve been guilty of spouting all of those types of platitudes, however true, myself. But more than anything you can buy, sell, count, hold, or distribute, assuming what I call The Small Business Success Attitude is essential to entrepreneurial success. Here is The Small Business Success Attitude:

I accept that my small business will face challenges every day. As I begin my day, I will assume the attitude that, regardless of the number of challenges or the degree of difficulty, if my business is to survive, I must face each one. Therefore, I know that the only thing in question today is how well I will respond to challenges, and the future of my business may depend on the answer to that question.

The I Ching (pronounced yee jing) is an ancient book of wisdom, the origin of which predates the written word. In English, I Ching means “Book Of Change.” I was inspired to write The Small Business Success Attitude from this passage in the I Ching: The event is not important, but the response to the event is everything.

The author of the I Ching was certainly an entrepreneur in the marketplace of ideas. Perhaps from as far back as 10,000 years ago he was proposing that it’s not what happens to you in life that you should worry about, because there will always be something happening. When events happen, change will also happen, and armed with the I Ching attitude–or The Small Business Success Attitude–you have an opportunity to influence change.

Small business owners often feel that they don’t have very much power. In the passage above, I believe the I Ching is telling us how to gain power and control in our lives. In The Small Business Success Attitude, I am absolutely telling you how to gain power and control in your business.

Accept the inevitable and ubiquitous challenges you will face in your small business, and get excited about the power you have to affect change simply by knowing that your response to the event is everything.

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