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Leveraging good over evil: Remembering 9-11

The human spirit, I believe, is the most powerful force in our world. Unfortunately, a single evil spirit is often more powerful than a good one.

The reason for this inequity is because it is the nature of evil to be fanatical and aggressive, while the nature of good is to be gentle, often complacent, and sometimes even naive. The good news is there are more good people in this world than evil ones. But that math only works, to paraphrase Edmund Burke, if the good work together against the evil.

We cannot afford to be naive. We don’t have the luxury of being complacent. Even now, eight years later, this is no time for gentleness. We owe it to those who gave their lives to never forget the images we saw on September 11, 2001. To never forget what this evil hath wrought.

Let’s work together — all nations of good people — until we rid ourselves of this evil called terrorism. However long it takes. Whatever it takes.

We can claim no other comparable blessing to offset the imbalance between the power of good and the forces of evil.

Today, on my radio show, The Small Business Advocate Show, I reflected on this the 8th anniversary of the attacks of 9-11. I also talked with Rich Galen on his reflections. Take a few minutes to listen and be sure to leave your thoughts.

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Rich Galen on 9-11:Listen Live! Download, Too! Listen Live! Download, Too!

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