SBA Poll: Are you outsourcing?

The Question:
How much outsourcing of tasks (payroll, accounting, web development, etc.) do you do?

24% - We outsource anything we can that isn’t our core competency.

39% - We do some outsourcing and expect to do more.

17% - We haven’t done any outsourcing but probably should.

20% - We don’t outsource and don’t plan to.

My Comments:
One of the most powerful and important small business management practices of the past generation is outsourcing: contracting with another person or company to perform certain tasks your business needs but is not good at. You should focus on your core competencies - usually whatever touches customers - and let someone else perform the non-core competency tasks.

As you can see from our responses to this week’s online poll, 63% are doing at least some outsourcing. I’m extremely pleased to see these numbers, but more than one-third are still MIA as outsourcers. This will change in time.

I’ll have more to say about outsourcing in an upcoming Feature Article, including the difference between internal and external outsourcing. Stay tuned and thanks for participating.

During a recent segment on The Small Business Advocate® Show I explain how outsourcing could help make you business run more efficiently. Click the link below to listen.

Use outsourcing to get that last drop of operating efficiency

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