SBA Poll- Is there a vacation in your future?

The Question:
Will you be able to take time off from your business for vacation this summer?

43% - Yes, for at least a week

49% - Yes, but only a couple of days at a time

9% - No. Can’t afford the expense or the time away

My Comments:
Here’s an old small business joke:

A small business owner is talking with an acquaintance and is asked, “How’s it going?” To which the business owner says, “Things are getting better; I’m down to working half days.” When the friend congratulates him, obviously impressed, the small business owner says, “Yes, it’s great; I even get to choose which 12 hours.”

As you can see from our poll last week, 91% of our respondents expect to take some time off for a vacation this summer, with the rest admitting they “… can’t afford the expense or time.” Regardless of whether you’re talking about vacation or just an occasional day off, any time a small business owner gets away from the business is a well-earned and richly deserved.

Hope you get to get away this year. Good luck.


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