Entrepreneurs and bumblebees are not supposed to fly!

Observing wildlife has always been important to me. All kinds: mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, bugs, teenagers. Birds of prey are my favorite group, but I have to say that the critter I admire most is the lowly bumblebee. The reason is because bumblebees are not supposed to fly. All of the experts, plus the laws of physics, aerodynamics and gravity, point to the impossibility of this fat little guy leaving the ground with such inadequate wings. And yet, it flies.

Entrepreneurs are like bumblebees: Against all odds, largely by their wits, entrepreneurs create successful businesses from absolutely nothing. All of the experts, plus the rules of business, finance and the marketplace, often point to the impossibility of such an upstart carving out a niche and flourishing there. And yet, they flourish.

I don’t know how many times I have heard a small business owner say, “When I started my business, I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to be able to do this.”

Here’s a handy quote from Bill O’Hanlon, “Most of the progress that’s been made in human history has been by people who did not accept that something was impossible.”

The experts and the rules have spoken: It’s impossible! Entrepreneurs and bumblebees are NOT supposed to fly.


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