An American small business dream: “Make a better thong”

“We wanted to make a more comfortable thong.”

This quote from Lida Orzek, co-founder of Hanky Panky, an American small business, is the answer she gave me when I asked why she and co-founder, Gail Epstein, decided to start their lingerie business. And for over 33 years, Lida and Gail have been making and selling a “better thong,” among other intimate apparel.

Only in America.

Where else on planet Earth could this happen? An entrepreneur sees a need, has an idea for how to serve that need and believes that if she actually does create this solution, she will have the freedom to make and sell her products and the liberty to prosper from the effort and risks taken.

Take a few minutes to listen to this recent interview with Lida on my small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, as she talks about her company and plans for the future. As you do, remember that the alloying of liberty and free-market capitalism produced the environment where the Hanky Panky dream of making and selling a better thong could come true. Oh, and by the way, Hanky Panky products are all proudly made in America.

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    Yvonne Gopher Says:

    Talk about re-inventing the mouse trap! Making a better thong is quite the mission statement, but one which obviously has paid dividends. 33 years in business is no mean feat, and with a name like Hanky Panky there is absolutely no doubts about what their intended subliminal message is.

    Excellent story, thank you very much for sharing it with us.



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    Dan Puroclean Says:

    I agree with Sam, there are definite hurdles to overcome in a small startup business, but finding a niche or demand and running with it can yield great results. At least Lida Orzek found a niche where there wasn’t too much competition as that can be a major obstacle in a new business, just ask me…

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    Sam Maropis Says:

    Like so many startups I am sure they faced obstacles, lot of them. But starting such a unique business I can guess had even more. But the joy of starting a business in America is that if you do your homework, learn and grow to your future self, then a small business person can be successful. Even today in this economy with good planning, lots of work and lots of help it is possible.

    The ride as a small business owner is so unsure, but far better than at a large company where cutbacks are the norm.
    Thank you
    Sam Maropis

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