What is the future of Libertarianism in American politics?

The Scott Brown election in Massachusetts, which was nothing short of a political earthquake, caused a lot of people to call it a shot across the bow of President Obama and the Democrat leadership. While I think that’s correct, it doesn’t go far enough. It was also a shot across the bow of the Republicans, because the people who changed political history that day were mostly those who are not officially aligned with any party - the independents.  Indeed, the results of the 2010 special election in Massachusetts were a cautionary tale for the political class.

For a couple of years I’ve been predicting an electoral revolution, but not the violent kind, or the kind that merely changes party control or the resident of the White House.  And I think the Tea Party is definitely part of this movement, but it doesn’t represent all of the revolutionaries.

It wasn’t hard to predict a revolution, but it is hard to predict the outcome. One thing I do believe is that this revolution, like the first one, will be good for America.  The revolution I’m seeing, and am very excited about, is happening because regular folks, including millions of small business owners, are coming to the conclusion - at long last - that we’re not being well-represented by the current political class.  As we raise our expectations and demand more leadership and less partisanship, that’s turning regular people into revolutionaries. But too many incumbents in both parties haven’t, and probably can’t, measure up to these new standards.  Consequently, in this revolution, the political status quo, represented by both the Democrats and Republicans, is in peril.

Libertarians are part of the revolution. But they actually have a party with candidates.  So what is the future of libertarianism in this political revolution? What’s the difference between a Libertarian, a conservative and a Tea Bagger? Wayne Allyn Root joined me recently on The Small Business Advocate Show to discuss how national politics will shape up over the next three years as a result of the recent elections.

Wayne was the 2008 Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential nominee and he is the 2012 Libertarian Presidential frontrunner. He is also the author of The Conscience of a Libertarian and a member of my Brain Trust. Take a few minutes to listen to our conversation and leave your comments. Listen Live! Download, Too!

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    Kids Bedding Says:

    As far as the tea baggers are concerned any group of people can gather and push an out of the mainstream agenda when no one is paying attention. They shall be exposed for the silliness they espouse when the right time comes. America is not going back to being a racist and intolerant country. The dont’ have a single person of color at their conventions, its a racist movement upset there there is a black president. They are noise machine, the recent election is based terrible economic condition and a bad candidate from MA.

    The entire system of government is not functioning right now. The problem with the democrats is that they afraid.

    Republicans in bush era not matter how stupid their ideas, see the iraq war and such pushed it down the throats of the country, if the democrats had a little guts, they would push their agenda too, which will benefit the country in the long run and stop being afraid. How soon you guya forget.

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