The irony of politic scandals at critical mass

In our poll last week we asked, “Should Congress pursue Select Committee investigations into the Benghazi attacks and the IRS handling of conservative non-profits?”

Almost 8 of 10 of our audience responded that more investigating is needed to see whether the handling of these two events was politically motivated or just bad judgment and poor management. But while these two controversies, plus the Fast and Furious gun scandal, the Justice Dept. snooping on AP reporters, and the dysfunction and mismanagement of Obamacare have not found the kind of traction that polls show most Americans think is justified, there is an emerging scandal that may change all of this.

Recent revelations of how patients have been mistreated by the Department of Veterans Affair’s medical system has the potential to be a visceral controversy for Americans of all political leanings.

If the initial scrutiny of the VA produces evidence of wrong-doing, a kind of scandal critical mass will be achieved that will effectively cause the following to occur:

  1. A comprehensive investigation will be demanded by voters and politicians of both parties.
  2. Members of the president’s party will distance themselves from him.
  3. Comprehensive coverage of this issue will be conducted by the national new media, unlike what has been seen for the other controversies.
  4. The more the press covers the VA scandal, the more they will uncover new revelations of the other scandals.

To be fair, news about the ineptitude and mismanagement of the VA is a decades old scandal that is, in my opinion, our National Shame. But it will be ironic if the VA scandal ultimately results in fresh media sunlight being shined on the other scandals that, according to our audience, should be investigated more thoroughly.

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