SBA Poll Results: Will Obamacare ever be fixed?

The Question:
How confident are you that the Obama administration will be able to fix the problems with Obamacare?

00% - Completely confident

00% - Somewhat confident

100%- No confidence

My Comments:
We’ve polled our online audience several times regarding their attitude about and experience with Obamacare. Most of our respondents, but certainly not all, have been negative toward the law in past polls. But this week something happened that has NEVER happened in more than three years of our weekly poll: the response was 100% for a single option. As you can see above, not even those who have in the past favored Obamacare believe that the problems with this law can and will be fixed.

Such are the wages of ideological arrogance by any political party, to believe it could unilaterally reorder one-sixth of the economy and replace a 200-year-old marketplace that touches every citizen so intimately, merely by government fiat. Here’s my prediction: Obamacare will go down in history as a pejorative reference and metaphor on the scale of Watergate.


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