The two sides of desire for entrepreneurs: Which one do you possess?

Desire is the common denominator of entrepreneurs, and it is a powerful force. What is not common among entrepreneurs is what is desired:  Do you desire to accomplish something entrepreneurial, or to live an entrepreneurial life?

If the former, you may focus on the finish line so much that you miss the joy of the race. Does a champion cherish the ceremony more than the moments of excellence that deliver the prize? Is the prize the trophy at the finish line or the rich experiences during the race?

In The Upanishads, sacred texts of Hinduism (900-600 BCE), the writer proposes this thought about how to possess desire:

“A man whose mind wanders among desires, and is longing for objects of desire, goes again to life and death according to his desires.  But he who possesses the End of all longing, and who’s self has found fulfillment, even in this life his desires will fade away.”

If you single-mindedly desire something entrepreneurial, what happens after you achieve it? But if you desire to live an entrepreneurial life, each new day - including the day after the victory ceremony–will be filled with possibilities.

Clearly, prizes are important in an entrepreneurial life. Just make sure that you don’t wander among desires, but rather fix your focus on possessing the End of all longing.

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