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  • A day in the life of a small business owner

    Eep … Eep … Eep … Eep …

    5:15am: A small business owner hits the snooze button.
    “Man, I shoulda checked the buzzer out before I bought that clock. Big day – should hear about my loan and the ACME proposal. What if the bank turns me down? Chamber board meeting at 7:30 this morning. Susie’s game is 7:30 tonight.”

    7:15am: At the office.
    “Good; Bill’s on time. Gotta get the Johnson delivery before it rains – that check has to cover quarterly taxes. Customer at the door and he saw me – can’t make him wait. There goes the Chamber meeting. ‘Come in, sir.’”

    8:15am: In the warehouse.
    “Why does Bill have the hood up on the truck? Is that smoke from the motor? Whew! It’s his cigarette – he’s just checking the oil. Darn, overhead door stuck again?”

    10:15am: On the counter.
    “Got to get the light fixed on the sign – don’t notice it so much unless it’s … CLOUDY.”

    12:15am: At the post office.
    “Lots of bills – no checks. Payroll’s going to be close Friday – hope I get paid. Got to get help with accounts receivable. Come on bank loan! Not a certified letter! I hate those.”

    1:15pm: Returning calls.
    “ACME called – that’s probably good. Bill called from Johnson’s – that’s probably bad. Loan officer’s on two – that could go either way. Is that rain?”

    2:15pm: At the bank
    “The bank needs updated financials – no loan this week. Forgot to eat lunch again.”

    3:15pm: Back at the office.
    “ACME’s on three? Now I REALLY need that deal. May have to cut into my margin – don’t give it away. You’re not desperate – yet.”

    4:15pm: Watching it rain.
    “Johnson didn’t get delivered before the rain. No Johnson check or loan this week. What’s Plan B for the tax deposit? Maybe receivables will pick up. Better put Larry on the counter so I can focus on collections.”

    5:15pm: Closing time.
    “Good day on the counter. ACME went for my proposal but had to cut my price. Hope we get add-ons. Turn off the sign. NOW the rain stops.”

    6:15pm: Locking up.
    “What a roller coaster today! Would I have started this business if I’d known how hard it was going to be? It’s challenging, but I like owning the opportunities. Still, I look forward to not having to struggle – does that ever happen in a small business? Susie’s 7:30 game isn’t rained out. I’m hungry.”

    5:15am: Next morning.
    Eep … Eep … Eep … Eep …

    “Man, I really wish I had checked the buzzer out before I bought that clock.”

    Welcome to the world of small business ownership.

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