Small Business Advocate Poll:Small business owners will make tough decisions

Twentieth century promises made by our government are coming due in 21st century reality and there is a problem: These entitlements are not sustainable financially long-term. That means adjustments will be made in one of two ways: 1) Proactively and soon, in a planned way that attempts to make the programs sustainable; or 2) In default, several years from now, when they run out of money.

We wanted to know how our audience felt about this scenario, so last week, we asked this question:

“Should we start making entitlements - Social Security, Medicare, etc. - self-sustaining now, even if it adjusts your own expectations?” Here’s what we learned.

Two percent said “No, the government should fulfill its promises, and four percent were undecided. But 94% said, “Yes, better to manage the inevitable than wait for the collapse.

See?! This is what happens when you ask small business owners about a problem. They evaluate it, get to the problem, take the steps necessary to fix it and move on to the next issue.

Yet another example of why I say if you want to fix America ask a small business owner how to do it.


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