SBA Poll Results: Stop Obama from giving the Internet away

The Question:
President Obama is planning to give U.S. control of the Internet to a global consortium. What do you think?

2% - Agree with the president-it doesn’t matter who governs the Internet.

86% - This is a very dangerous decision that could have catastrophic implications.

12% - Uncertain

My Comments:
For at least a dozen years, I’ve reported on my radio program about the global covetousness of the U.S. control of the Internet–even though we built it. So it doesn’t surprise me that other global players would like for the U.S. government to relinquish its control. But I was surprised a few weeks ago when my Brain Trust member and ICANN expert, Steve DelBianco, reported on my show that the Obama administration planned to cede ultimate ownership and control of Internet governance and management to a “multi-stakeholder” global group.

Since I believe this plan is a dangerous mistake of epic proportions, I’ve ramped up my reporting on this with other experts, including Mike Daniels, former President of Network Solutions, Inc., the governance contractor prior to ICANN. Plus last week I wrote an article about why Obama’s plans for the Internet are unnecessary and could be disastrous (see last week’s Feature Article). Even former President Clinton has recently gone on record as an opponent of Obama’s plan.

For some reason, the ICANN issue didn’t get the media coverage it deserved–probably because of the Malaysian Airline story, or Russia invading Crimea–but it looks like it may now be coming to the attention of Congress. Hopefully something can be done to stop the divesting of arguably one of the greatest assets of the U.S., and one we’ve shared as honest stewards with the rest of the world, freely and unencumbered by geopolitics.

And I’m happy to report that when we polled our audience about what they think, 86% gave a thumbs down to the Obama administration’s Internet governance plans. But there’s more to do. Contact your members of Congress and tell them as Americans, we don’t want to relinquish oversight of the Internet. You may not care whether Putin invades Crimea, but you should care a lot about whether Russia, China, Iran, or Venezuela one day has a vote in how the Internet is managed.

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